NOC Past Presidents

Year: Name:
1981Leroy Grosenfeider
1982Jack Radebaugh
1983Vern Smith
1984Zeke Wilder
1985Hayden (Pappy) Harwood
1986Robert Loest
1987Bill Burns
     Bill was also CFMS President in 1985.
     Bill has held ceveral CFMS Offices.
1988Jerry Conely
1989Virginia (Genny) Hansen
1990Bil Huber
1991 Isabella Burns
     Izzie was also CFMS President in 1992.
     Izzie was also AFMS President in 2001 and 2002.
     Izzie served as Federation for the NOC for several years and held many CFMS & AFMS Offices.
     Izzie served as AFMS/CFMS Chairperson 3time (2 times for the NOC and one time for another club).
1992Virginia (Genny Hansen} Grafton
1993Walt Messemer
1994Donald Warthen
     Donald served as a Chairman of the CFMS Financial Advisory Committee 2008,2009 & 2010.
     Donald is club representative to the city of La Habra.     
1995Donald Warthen
1996Loretta Ogden
     Loretta has been CFMS Federation Director for the NOC for several years.
     She also served as CFMS Education thru Sharing Chairperson.
1997Loretta Ogden
1998Mike Maneth
1999Donald Ogden
     Donald created the CFMS website and served as the webmaster from 1999 to 2011.
     He also created the NOC website and serves as the webmaster.
     He also helped create the AFMS website. Also he is the NOC club bulletin editor.
2000Donald Ogden
2001 - 2002Donald Warthen
     Two-year officer terms were started in 2001.
2003 - 2004Donald Warthen
2005 - 2006Nancy Bird
     Nancy served as CFMS Education thru Sharing Chairperson.
2007 - 2008Donald Echbach
2009 - 2010Donald Warthen
     Donald has served as (President 5 times, as Treasurer5 times and
     show Chairperson 12 times and one time AFMS/CFMS Show Chairperson)
2011Dave Swanson
     Resigned Sep. 13, 2011
2011 - 2012Frank Winn
     Assumed Presidency Oct., 2011
2013 - 2014Nancy Bird
2015 - 2016Ofelia Warthen
2017 - 2018Kevin Smith
2019Kevin Smith