Ten Steps to
as a Leader

by Don Ogden
Lessons learned
from being an Indian Guide Natiion Chief

We had a saying in Indian Guides that the job seeks the man, not visa versa. There you go, ho-ho-hoing all over the floor!

In any event, one of these days, you’ll feel the long arm of responsibility reach out and tap you on the shoulder. Maybe they (those running the show for the moment; tomorrow they return to the ranks, or so the rhetoric goes) ask you to be on a Committee, a Committee Chair, Director, or Officer.

Rule One
If you really want to blow it as a leader, never plan for the future. Spend most of your time trying to deal with day-to-day problems and crises.

Second Step
Have no confidence in others, whether they’re elected or appointed officers. Let them know you’re keeping your eye on them.

No. 3
Refuse to delegate to any one. Keep the authority so they know who is boss.

No. 4
Handle all the jobs -- or try anyway. That way you’ll be sure they’re done.

No. 5
Above all avoid growing as your club expands. The old ways are proven, so you know the best.

Number Six Step is essential if you want to fail as a leader:
Ignore potential leadership in the ranks, especially if they’re new. Even if they take training, stick with older members and play it safe.

No. 7
Stick with the myth that the related club officers can solve everything. It makes him feel wanted to leave the problems to him and his staff.

No. 8
Never plan an agenda for meetings. People will love your carefree manner? Gavel? Opening? Committee & Project Reports? Introduction of speaker & guests? That’s all for the birds.

No 9
Remain unaware of help, advise or counsel available in greater Rock’dom wisdom. Throw those letters from other clubs (CFMS and AFMS) in the waste basket. Our club is the thing, so who needs others opinions?

No. 10
Never mind keeping records. Membership, program, and club project records get out of date fast anyway. Live on cloud 9, let others do it.

P.S. We know you’ll never do any of these things! These are merely positives reversed -- reverse them again and you have ten good ways to lead!