Criteria for a
Successful Club

by Don Ogden
Lessons learned
from being an Indian Guide Natiion Chief

  1. A Successful club must have capable and interested officers...most officers are capable but how about their interest? Do they have a devoted interest in Rock’dom? Do they put their club first? Are they interested in other clubs? In the CFMS? In AFMS? Are they really interested in the promotion and growth of their own club? This should be the first consideration in the selection of club officers!

  2. A Successful club must have a healthy, growing membership. Keep a monthly ‘tally’ sheet showing the increase or decrease in your club membership. Are you losing more than you gain or just breaking even? Do your members bring guests?

  3. A Successful club should have a sound financial structure. Do you operate on a budget? Monthly reports to the membership is essential to keep everyone well informed.

  4. A Successful club should have worthwhile projects. Every club should have at least one major project and one minor project going at all times. Have you reviewed your club projects recently?

  5. A Successful club should have good programs! Or should we say “must have”. Good programs also make it much easier to invite guests.

  • Presidents should read this!
  • 1st Vice President too!
  • And committee chair persons!
  • Also Live-wire members!
  • Yes you!
    Have you ever stopped to think (we hope so!) a nominating committee can make or break it’s club?


  • Keeping track of newer members’ attendance, especially those you’ve sponsored, is helpful.

  • $
    Don’t wait till the treasurer decides to report -- ask for it!

  • Service
    That’s the name of the game, remember!

  • You can strengthen club programs! Pass along your Ideas, It’s OK to volunteer.