Future Rockhounds Make Gold
Eric Castillo - 12 Years Old

As Told by Eric

The 3rd year in 4H - I got involved with 4-H after my Mom’s friend kept telling her what a great organization it was. From the first meeting, we knew we were going to be a part of 4H for a long time.

In 2014, we attended a gem show sponsored by North Orange County Gem & Mineral Society. My Mom spoke to Ofelia Warthen, Club Education Chairperson and asked for information how to join. All twelve of 4H members joined in December 2014. They voted on a name of “Rocks N Rubies”. Again we knew we were going to be a part of FRA (Future Rockhounds of America) for a long time.

As told by Laura, Eric’s Mom

This year 2015, Eric chose his demonstration presentation titled, “Rocks, Dig Them”. He started practicing to do his public speech about the subject early in the year.

In January, Eric presented his 7-12 minute power point presentation speech to our 4H Club. He received a 90% or higher score (Based on the Danish Method) on his score card which is the average of 3 judges. This qualified him to go to our 4H County Presentation day for Orange County. This was held at Lake Forest back in March 2015. Eric, again qualified with a gold (90-100%) average score from 3 judges and now moved onto Sectionals.

Sectionals (Southern California Area) was held on May 16th at Mt. San Antonio College. Here Eric, again got a gold (90 –100%) score and this meant he was qualified to go to the State competition held on May 30th on the campus of UC Davis.

At UC Davis, there are hundreds of kids from all 4-H Clubs throughout the entire state of California competing. This is the pinnacle of the 4H experience to represent, not only yourself, but your Club and County at a State competition.

There are also 4 other 4H and Future Rockhounds of America (FTA) members that have also qualified for the State competition as follows:

Sofia Castillo, 9 years old. 3 years in 4H and 1 year in FRA. Power point presentation, speech on “Therapy Dogs – Can your dog be one”

Angela Clauser, 9 years old. 2 years in 4H and 1 year in FRA. Her demonstration presentation speech on “How to sew a button”.

Andrew Sprowls, 12 years old. 1 year in FRA. His demonstation presentation speech on “Fly Tieing”.

Wyatt Sprowls, 10 year old. His demonstation presentation speech on “Fly Tieing.

At the June 10th North Orange County Gem & Mineral Society (NOC) General Meeting, Eric Castillo will do his Power Point Presentation speech titled “Rocks, Dig Them”.

Fossil Dig 02/2015