California Fedeation of Mineralogical Societies
Field Trip to Ant Hill
February 27, 2010

by Adam Dean and Shep Koss
CFMS Field Trip South Co-Chairs - 2010

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With last year's great turnout of nearly 100 attendees we're doing it again.

WHERE: Ant Hill, Bakersfield, CA

WHEN: February 27, Saturday at 9 a.m.

MATERIAL: 15 million year old fossils of shark teeth, whale teeth, seal teeth, porpoise teeth, whale bone, etc from Middle Miocene Marine beds.

MEETING SPOT: 9 a.m. North east of Bakersfield on corner of Lake Ming Rd and Alfred Harrell Hwy at the Chevron station.

1. Alfred Harrel Hwy can be reached by heading east from Bakersfield on Rt 178 or heading east on Rt 58 to Comanche Rd then turning north.
2. Comanche Rd becomes Alfred Harrell at Rt 178.
3. From here go about two miles to Lake Ming Rd and meeting spot.
4. Here we will sign Waivers of Liability, see samples of specimens and receive digging instructions.

TOOLS: hammer, chisel or screwdriver, 1/4" mesh sifting screen or colander, shovel, bucket, zip lock bags, water spray bottle. Hiking shoes and clothes to get dirty in.

From Meeting Spot: From the meeting spot we will drive about another mile to parking area then hike about 3/4 mile on a uphill slope which gets steep the last 200 yards. The fossil trenches are near the summits of steep hills.

Be advised: This is a known Valley Fever area although rarely a problem especially in winter. Wear masks if concerned. Also snakes and spiders inhabit these hills.

To find fossils requires a combination of sifting debris or prying out chunks of the "wall". Thse hills will soon undergo housing development so collect while you can.

Weather and Roads: Roads are paved until last 300 feet to parking area. Weather is unpredictable although this soil is more rain tolerant. Dress accordingly for temperatures and conditions.

REMINDER: Please help preserve our deserts and pack out what you pack in. Letís leave it clean for future Rockhounds.

All those attending the collecting trips will be required to fill out a Liability Waiver form.

For further information, please contact:

Adam Dean @ (909) 489-4899 or e-mail him:
Shep Koss @ (661) 248-0411 (Home Phone) or e-mail:

Field Trip in 2009 Photos from Sal, Mitty Scarpato

Ant Hill
Ant Hill

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Ant Hill

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Ant Hill

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Jeff Miller, Sharktooth

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Sal, Mitty Scarpato